Our focus

We build mobile health engagement services that are:

powered by messaging algorithms that adapt to user preferences


guided by smartphone sensor data


influenced by real-life behavior scientists

About US

We are passionate about wellness...
Human-centered support for healthy living

...and we believe all people want to lead healthy lives. Unfortunately, the healthiest lifestyle decisions are not always the easiest ones to make, especially when you consider hectic schedules, work deadlines, household chores, etc. That's why the team at Salubris Analytics is committed to creating mobile health solutions that: 1) raise awareness of the many instances of health-related lifestyle decisions we encounter in our daily lives, and 2) provide relevant, real-time support to nudge our users towards healthier and sustainable habits.

Our Team

Jesús Treviño
Clinician and business guy – Jesús has an MD from Harvard Medical School & MBA from MIT, and is passionate about improving healthcare systems. At Salubris Analytics, he sets the vision & product strategy and manages strategic partnerships with healthcare payers and providers.
Christine Hsieh
Behavior and cognitive scientist – Christine has a PhD in Behavior Psychology from Harvard/MIT. By day, she spearheads user experience and design; by night, she races bikes on the mean streets of Brookline, MA.
Alan Xin
Data scientist extraordinaire – Alan has a PhD in Computer Science from MIT and research & industry experience with sensor data, machine learning, large-scale recommendation systems for online commerce and…tango?
Chelsea Clarke
Content Creator & Life Coach
Nutrition and fitness guru – Chelsea is a MS candidate in Agriculture, Food and Environment at Tufts University, and an active fitness trainer & blogger. Per local legend, she runs solely on kale espressos and her love of helping her fitness clients achieve their wellness goals.

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